Super Light Jets

Super Light Jets are perfect for the travelers seeking a little more comfort than a light jet without the Midsize Jet price. Super Light Jets are known for their near cross-country range and comfort for up to 8 passengers. These aircraft are a great addition to the growing fleet of charter aircraft on the market. Super Light Jets include the Phenom 300, Lear 45, Lear 75 and Citation Excel/XLS.

Citation Excel

Super-Light Jet
The Excel has the largest cabin size in its class, which gives it a great comfort to cost ratio.

Lear 40

Super-Light Jet
The Lear 40 is the same cabin diameter as the Lear 45 but is 24.5 inches shorter.

Lear 45

Super-Light Jet
The Lear 45 was the first clean sheet design since the Lear 23.

Lear 70

Super-Light Jet
The Lear 70 was discontinued in 2015 because there was no demand for the smaller Lear 75.

Lear 75

Super-Light Jet
The Lear 75 has the same winglet design as the Global 7000.

Phenom 300

Super-Light Jet
The Phenom 300 was originally designed to fly into more smaller airports than any other light jet could.

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