Your safety is our top priority.  All flights utilize two pilots and all pilots and aircraft undergo a 3rd party safety audit before every single trip.


Trilogy Aviation Group Safety Standards

  • ARGUS Gold Rating Minimum
  • Passing Wyvern Pass Report or ARGUS Trip Cheq Required
  • Qualified Employees & Training
  • Additionally Insured
  • $50,000,000 Minimum Insurance
  • 2 Pilot Crews
  • In-Depth Document Review

About Safety

Trilogy Aviation Group believes that your safety is the single most crucial aspect of every single flight. We refuse to put one of our clients on an airplane that we wouldn’t go on ourselves. To ensure that the part 135 operator meets safety standards we require them to be either AR/GUS certified or Wyvern Wingman certified. We expect every flight to pass a wyvern pass report or an ARGUS Trip Cheq. These reports tell us the certifications that each pilot carries and that the aircraft is adequately insured. In addition to these reports, we require a two-pilot crew, updated FAA documents for our files, and ensure the aircraft has a minimum of $50,000,000 insurance. We pledge to our clients and vendors that we will always have qualified employees with adequate training, operate an ethical and legal business, and continue to have fiscal integrity and transparency. Our safety standards are just one of the reasons that we are one of the premier charter brokers in the industry.