Super-Mid Jets

For long-range routes, the Super Midsize Jet is one of the most popular aircraft in the world. A Super-mid can easily fly 5 to 8 hours without a fuel stop. Super-Mid jets are known for their range, flat-floor layouts, cabin size, and baggage capacity. Most of these jets seat 8 passengers, but some seat up to 10. Super-Mid jets we offer include the Hawker 1000, Hawker 4000, Legacy 500, G200/280, Falcon 50, Citation X, Citation Sovereign, Citation Latitude and Challenger 300/350.

Challenger 300

Super-Mid Jet
The Challenger 300 was the first clean slate design by bombardier since the Challenger 600 series.

Citation Longitude

Super-Mid Jet
The Citation Longitude is currently being developed into the Citation Hemisphere.

Citation Sovereign

Super-Mid Jet
The Citation Sovereign's cabin is 6.6 ft. longer than the Citation XLS.

Citation X

Super-Mid Jet
The Citation X currently holds the record as the fastest business jet in production.

Falcon 50

Super-Mid Jet
The Falcon 50 was the first tri-jet design by Dassault.

Gulfstream G-200

Super-Mid Jet
The G-200 was originally named the Astra Galaxy before Gulfstream purchased Galaxy Aerospace in 2001.

Gulfstream G-280

Super-Mid Jet
The G-280 was originally named the G-250 and changed the name because 250 can be translated as "stupid" in Mandarin.

Hawker 1000

Super-Mid Jet
The Hawker 1000 is a 2'9" stretched, Hawker 800.

Hawker 4000

Super-Mid Jet
The Hawker 4000 was the first aircraft in its class based on composite construction.

Legacy 500

Super-Mid Jet
The Legacy 500 is the first of its kind with Flat Floor and Tall Cabin.

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