Turbo Props

Turboprops are one of the best options for travelers who want a more cost-effective option without sacrificing the amenities of a jet. Our range of best-in-class turboprops includes TBM 850, Cessna Denali, King Air 90, King Air 200/250, King Air 350, Pilatus PC-12, and Piaggio P-180.

Cessna Conquest II

Twin-Engine Turbo Prop

The Conquest was the first turbo prop developed by Cessna to bridge the gap between their piston and light jet aircraft.

Cessna Denali

Single-Engine Turbo Prop

The Cessna Denali is the first single-engine-turboprop that is using the new GE turboprop engine with a 5 blade prop.


Single-Engine Turbo Prop
The Cessna Grand Caravan can be fitted with floats and become an amphibious plane.

Fairchild Merlin III

Twin-Engine Turbo Prop
The Merlin was originally called the Excalibur.

King Air 100

Twin-Engine Turbo Prop
The King Air 100 is a mixture of both the King Air 200 and King Air 90.

King Air 250

Twin-Engine Turbo Prop
The King Air 200 was developed from the King Air 100.

King Air 350

Twin-Engine Turbo Prop
The King Air 350 is often used for medical ambulances, military operations, and government surveillance.

King Air 90

Twin-Engine Turbo Prop
The King Air 90 was developed from the piston driven Queen Air.

Piaggio P-180 Avanti

Twin-Engine Turbo Prop
The Piaggio P-180 is known as the fastest Turbo Prop on the market and is faster than many jets.

Pilatus PC-12

Singe-Engine Turbo Prop
The PC-12 is the best selling pressurized turbine-powered aircraft in the world.

Piper Cheyenne

Twin-Engine Turbo Prop
The Cheyenne is used by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol for special surveillance.

Quest Kodiak

Single-Engine Turbo Prop
The Kodiak is often used in rural areas due to its unapproved runway ability.

TBM 700

Single-Engine Turbo Prop
The TBM 700 has evolved into the TBM 930 today.

TBM 850

Single-Engine Turbo Prop
Mooney developed the TBM before Socata acquired Mooney.

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