Very-Light Jets

Very Light Jets are regional jets known for their speed and short runway performance. With seating up to 5 passengers these aircraft are great for short business trips or quick weekend getaways. Our featured Very Light Jets are Phenom 100, Eclipse 500, Citation CJ, Citation M2 and Citation Mustang.

Cirrus Vision Jet

Very-Light Jet

The Vision Jet is the first single-engine business jet certified by the FAA.

Citation CJ

Very-Light Jet
The Citation CJ was the first of the CJ series and has a lowered floor for more cabin height.

Citation M2

Very-Light Jet
The Citation M2 is known for its quiet cabin.

Citation Mustang

Very-Light Jet
The Citation Mustang was the first Very-Light Jet from Cessna, not in the CJ series.

Eclipse 500

Very-Light Jet
The Eclipse 500 was once considered the future of "air taxis".

HondaJet HA-420

Very-Light Jet
The HondaJet is the first business jet to have wing mounted engines.

Phenom 100

Very-Light Jet
The Phenom 100 has an oval-shaped cabin for the maximum headroom.

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