Plane of the Week: Dassault Falcon 50

Category : Featured Jets
Posted : Dec-04-2018

The Dassault Falcon 50 is the first of the Dassault jets to operate with three engines. The three engine design was introduced to accommodate tighter FAA regulations with how far planes could fly on two engines. FAA regulations later became less strict as technology got better and Dassault kept the three engine design due to its popularity and safety benefits. The Falcon 50 has a transcontinental range with incredible runway performance due to the slats in the wings. The three engines provide more thrust, making the aircraft being able to accelerate faster. The Falcon 50 is a very popular Super Mid in the charter market today

Plane of the Week: Dassault Falcon 50


– Three Engines
– 9 Passengers
– Transcontinental Range
– Unmatched Runway performance


The Falcon 50 has a large baggage capacity that makes the plane a popular choice for golf trips with the boys. The aircraft also has the range to make the trip to Hawaii form the west coast, non-stop with nine passengers. Because of the range of this plane and the safety that the three engines provide, we often have clients specifically request the Falcon 50 to go to Hawaii.